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Sunset over a pier
"This is the moment to get your life together."

Brian I, Age 17

Quotes from the boys

"Never a dull moment."
- Ray, age 19

​We are proud to introduce one of our alumnus: Jahton. Jahton lived at Plymouth Crossroads for about 3 years. Throughout this transition, Jahton has been extremely helpful, assisting in our move out of 5522 Broadway and into our new storage unit and rental space at Ebenezer United Church of Christ. We asked him what brought him back to Plymouth Crossroads, and he told us that he appreciated the family atmosphere, relating it to a second support system. When asked what his favorite thing about Plymouth Crossroads is, Jahton replied, “the staff”. Jahton wants everyone to know that runaway and homeless youth are not lazy. Jahton is currently applying to colleges across the country, wishing to continue his education, as well as creating music in his spare time. Jahton tells us that his favorite memory at Plymouth Crossroads was “creeping into Jenn’s office after work or school to hangout and talk. We talked about politics, religion, school and life. It was a really important part of my development because at that time I didn’t have many friends or other people to talk to.”

A young man lounges on a couch

Plymouth Spotlight


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